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Auction Flowchart
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1Auction Flowchart

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2Sign Up

STEP1: Click the “Sign UP” button on the top.

STEP2: Fill in the blank with your account, password and cell phone number.

Click the “Get” button to get the verification code for free with you phone and fill the blank.

Tick that I have read and agreed to the agreementand click the button “Register immediately” to sign up successfully.


STEP3: Search for your ideal lot, and click the “Apply”.

STEP4: Verify your identification. Fill in the blank with your user name, ID number, region, address and verification code. Please make sure you’ve input correct information.

STEP5: Verify the qualification and identification of the bidder. Please make sure you’ve input correct information.

STEP6: Upload the applying materials. Please provide with relating materials according to your bidding. If there are several materials need to be uploaded, you could click “upload” button for several times. Your application need to be verified by the administrator. And you shall charge a deposit based on the Bidding Announcement.

Payment Types: Please upload the scans of your transfer voucher.

Evidence of the Bid Deposit: Please upload the color photos of your ID card with both two sides and the front photo which you holding your ID card.

Identity of the bidder: Please upload the scans of your business license (with official seal) and other materials.

Other Attachments: Please upload the scans of other materials.


STEP1 Log in and search for your lot, click the lot to read its detailed information.


STEP2: Select your bid increment, and participate in the auction.

STEP3: Check the result.

Check the result: Click the “Home”. Choose the lot you’ve bid to read the detailed information and see the result.

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