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Bidding Announcement of ZJ2019023
Bidding Ending Information
2019-12-05 09:00
2019-12-05 12:10
Total Bid:
54 times
Final Price:
Bidding Winner:
Bidding Status:
Starting Price:¥65,000,000 CNY
Bid Increment:¥100,000 CNY
Bidding Deposit:¥7,000,000 CNY
Preemption Claimant:None
Evaluation Price:None
Bidding Period:2 hours
Extension Cycle:5 min/time
Reserved Price:Yes
Type: Others
Bidding History(54)
Status Bidder Price(CNY)
866 ¥74,000,000
385 ¥73,900,000
866 ¥73,800,000
385 ¥73,700,000
866 ¥73,500,000
385 ¥73,400,000
866 ¥72,600,000
385 ¥72,500,000
866 ¥72,000,000
385 ¥71,900,000
More Details
Ship name
Type of vessel Bulk Carrier
Entrust institution ZHEJIANG SHIPPING EXCHANGE Reference price(CNY) 65000000
State of the auction First auction Auction date 2019-12-05
Ship's classification 国内CCS Length overall(m) 189.99
Port of registry Length(m) 183.20
Molded breadth(m) 30.20 Molded depth(m) 15.20
Gross tonnage 24919.00 Deadweight/
Reference capacity(t)
Type of main engine 6S42MC7 Total fixed power
(KW / h)
Shipyard Completion date 2012-09-07
completion date
Bidding Rules
Special Provisions
Technical Report
Bidding History(54)

Bidding Announcement of “ZJ2019023” Bulk Carrier


Entrusted by the transferor, we decide to hold an online public auction on from 9:00 to 11:00 (Beijing Time) on December 05, 2019.


1. Auction Object: ZJ2019023 Bulk Carrier

PoR: Hangzhou; Class: CCS; Class Notation:CSADHull additional markOffshore Navigation Area, Ice Class B, double-hull, loadometer (S, I, G); Engine classification Characters: ★CSMD; LOA: 189.99m; MLB: 30.20m; MLD: 15.20m; Load Draft: 10.479m; Light Draft: 6.052m; Light Displacement: 8255.70t; GRT: 24919; NRT: 13954; DWCC: 40014t; ME: 6S42MC7 * 1set 6480kW; Blt: Zhejiang Qinfeng Ship Industry Co., Ltd.; Date of Keel Laid: April 28, 2011; Date of Completion: September 07, 2012. (Data above refers to the ship inspection certificate,only for reference)

Remarks: The ship is on voyage.


2. Bidding Rules: it is a reserved bid with 2 or more bidders can sign up. If there are less than 2 bidders, the auction will fail directly. The starting price is RMB 65.0 million, and the deposit is RMB 7.0 million (or USD1.0 million). Bid increase: a multiple of RMB 0.1 million.


3. Application: Application time: from the announcing time until 16:00 (Beijing Time) on December 04, 2019 (subject to the time of deposit). After the deadline, no application will be accepted. This auction accepts the application of natural persons or companies.


4. Inspection place: Declare later


5. Deposit Account:

RMB Acct:





USD Acct:

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhoushan Branch

Bank Add: No.628 Dingshen Road Lincheng Zhoushan China


Acct: 1206020129201407315

Beneficiary: Zhoushan Yi Ge Ship Auction Co.,Ltd


6. Contacts: 0580-2027516 Mrs Ye, 0580-2038333 Mr Zhou.


Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Co., Ltd.

Zhoushan Yi Ge Ship Shipping Exchange Co., Ltd.


November 11, 2019

Bidding Rules

Article 1 Bidding Rules is made by relevant laws, regulations and policies of our Country and with Shipbid practical situations, to standardize the bidding behaviors, maintain an open, fair and equal transaction order, and protect legitimate rights and interests for all the parties involved.

Article 2 The Transaction Rules of the ship bidding (hereafter to be referred as bidding) is suitable for standardizing all the online bidding behaviors. All the parties involved should abide by the Rules and bear legal responsibilities for their own behaviors.

Article 3 All legal personalities, natural persons and other organizations in and abroad PRC can participate in the bidding only if they have the qualifications of the auction announcement except those provided by laws and regulations.

Article 4 The auction announcement and other documents are formulated by the auctioneer.

Article 5 The auction information including videos, pictures and written introductions offered by the Seller will be uploaded through the Shipbid system after verified by the auctioneer.

Article 6 The Seller shall take all the legal responsibilities and economic losses if he provides with fake information.

Article 7 The bidders couldn’t participate in the bidding activities until they register as the buyers through the Shipbid system.  

The passwords should be kept safely. If forgotten, bidders could retrieve through the Shipbid system. And if divulged, bidders should login in time to change the passwords.

Article 8 Before submitting the application for the bidding, the bidders should carefully read the auction announcement, ship’s information, transaction rules and other relevant documents, then login the Shipbid system to fill in true and effective information as required.

Article 9 The bidders should submit the applications in accordance with the auction announcement before the Shipbid starts.

If legal personalities, natural persons and other organizations need joint-bidding, they should fill in related information and the proportion of capital contribution of each party as required and sign the Joint Bidding Statement.

Article 10 The bidders apply on the Shipbid system by themselves, and pay the deposit either on line or offline. Foreign bidders could also apply for bidding with the Guarantee Letter of bank as the auctioneer required. One deposit is only for one lot. And if the bidders want to bid several ships at the same time, corresponding deposits are required.

The bidders are entitled to bid only if the deposit fully paid to the nominated account (based on the arrival time of the deposit) or the original Letter of Guarantee delivered to the auctioneer (based on the arrival time of the Letter of Guarantee to persons in charge) within the required time. The bidders shall not be eligible for bidding if the deposit is delayed or not fully paid or the Letter of Guarantee is not received on time.

Article 11 The bidding shall be conducted with time limit. Qualified bidders can participate in the bidding. The initial offer shall not be lower than the starting price and each offer shall be no less than the specified bid increment.

If it is an auction with reserve price, “YES” will be revealed in the system. Otherwise it will display “NULL”.

Article 12 The bidder shall make a cautious bid, and the offer will be irrevocable once submitted.

Article 13 The last limited time of the Shipbid is FIVE (5) minutes. If there is a new bid within 5 minutes countdown, another 5 minutes will be set.

No new offers would be accepted after the final countdown, and the bidding history will be revealed.

Article 14 Once there is/are (a) bidder offer(s) in the Shipbid, the target bidder (hereinafter called the Buyer) shall be confirmed in accordance with the following rules

(1) Where there is no reserve price, the highest bidder would be the Buyer.

(2)Where there is a reserve price, the bidder with the highest offer and not lower than the reserve price would be the Buyer; If the highest offer is lower than the reserve price, the bidding will be pass.

When the time for the bidding is over, the bidding system will be automatically closed.

Article 15 The Buyer should confirm his qualification with the enterprise or individual valid certification to the auctioneer within 3 working days after the bidding. After verification and confirmation, the Buyer should sign the Purchase Confirmation.

If the Buyer's qualification is not approved, the bidding result will be invalid, the deposit would be confiscated, and the lot should be bid again. The Buyer should pay the commissions for both parties due to his breach of the contract; Also, the previous Buyer should pay the balance of price if the final purchase price is lower than the first purchase one.

Article 16 The payment of balance shall be remitted to the nominated account in time according to the Purchase Confirmation.

Article 17 The Buyer should sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement by the Purchase Confirmation with the seller within the required time and make relevant transaction procedures.

Article 18 The auctioneer should publicize the bidding results through the Shipbid system after the bidding.

Article 19 After paying the balance, the Buyer himself should handover the lot and manage the transaction procedures in time. If the Buyer fails to manage within required time, he himself should pay the costs caused by the delay and afford the consequences of possible damage or losses.

Article 20 The Buyer himself should register the lot and bear all relevant expenses occurred according to the regulations and policies during the transaction procedures.

Article 21 The bidding currency is RMB. Both the starting price and purchase price do not include the expenses and taxes occurred during transaction procedures.

Article 22 If the bidder obstruct others to bid, manipulate or monopoly the bidding price, or make malicious collusion, the auction will be cancelled once above behaviors are found, and relevant legal responsibility will be borne by the bidder.

Article 23 If the bidder cannot normally login the Shipbid system to apply, offer or bid because of following reasons such as virus invasion, hardware failure, network congestion or passwords forgotten and divulge, etc., he himself should bear the consequences and the bidding will not be suspended.

Article 24 The auctioneer reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the bidding before it starts according to the laws and regulations.

Article 25 The auctioneer reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the bidding if force majeure or accident has caused the online auction to fail.

Article 26 These rules are general rules for online auction transactions of ships. In case of any conflict with the announcement or agreement of a single item, the terms of a single item shall prevail.

The time concerned in the bidding all depends on Shipbid system service time, except the deposit arriving time which depending on the bank recording time. All the time of information arriving is subject to the time when the information received by Shipbid.

Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Co Ltd is responsible for the interpretation of the Rules.


Special Provisions

Additional Provision of “ZJ2019023”


1.       This additional provision is a supplement to the bidding rules and has the same legal effect as the bidding rules.


2.       Auction Ship: ZJ2019023 Bulk Carrier

PoR: Hangzhou; Class: CCS; Class Notation:★CSADHull additional markOffshore Navigation Area, Ice Class B, double-hull, loadometer (S, I, G); Engine classification Characters: ★CSMD; LOA: 189.99m; MLB: 30.20m; MLD: 15.20m; Load Draft: 10.479m; Light Draft:6.052m; Light Displacement: 8255.70t; GRT: 24919; NRT: 13954; DWCC: 40014t; ME: 6S42MC7 * 1set 6480kW; BLT: Zhejiang Qinfeng Ship Industry Co., Ltd.; Date of Keel Laid: April 28, 2011; Date of Completion: September 7, 2012. (Data above refers to the ship inspection certificate,only for reference)

Remarks: The ship is on voyage.


The above data are recorded in the ship's inspection certificate for reference only. The bidding object is subject to the status at the time of inspection. If there is any discrepancy between the actual situation and the data above, the bidding and bidding price won’t be disturbed. Once the auction is concluded, the bidding company and the seller shall not assume any liability for defects or quality problems of the bidding target.


3.       Application

The bidders shall pay the bid deposit when signing up, and provide the following documents :(1) Confirmation of the Object (the format would be provided by the bidding company), (2) other documents required by the transferor or the bidding company.


4.       After Auction

4.1 After the auction is completed, the buyer must confirm the result of auction by email or fax on the same day, and sign the Purchase Confirmation with the bidding company within 2 working days after the auction.


4.2  The bid deposit of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within 2 working days after the auction without interests.


5. Transfer (Cancellation) and Delivery of the Ship

5.1 The buyer must pay 30% of the purchase price and all the commission before 16:00 (Beijing Time), December 12, 2019, and pay off the rest of the ship purchase price on the day of ship delivery. Any delay shall be deemed as breach of contract.


5.2 The original shipowner shall, within 10 working days after signing the Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance Ship, complete all the procedures of cancellation relating to the ship.

The buyer shall not start the ship or shift it to other sea areas (except for force majeure such as weather) until obtain the ship's cancellation certificate. Latest date of ship handover: June 30, 2020.


5.3 Delivery place: Undeclared.

Delivery method: Accept and shift by the buyer himself


6.Related expenses

6.1 Auction commission: After the auction is completed, the buyer must pay the bidding company 1% of the purchase price as commission.


6.2 In this auction, the seller provide with a Value-added Tax Common Invoice for the purchase price of the ship. All expenses incurred after the ship handover shall be borne by the buyer himself.


6.3 When the ship is delivered, the buyer and the seller shall make on-site measurement of the remaining oil on the ship, and the price of oil shall refer to the last day of the listed price in the SINOPECT where the ship is delivered. On the day of delivery, the buyer shall pay for the remaining oil directly to the account designated by the seller. The seller shall not provide with remaining oil voucher.


6.4 All expenses and the custody responsibility incurred before the handover of the object ship shall be borne by the seller; After the handover of the ship, the expenses and risks incurred by the object shall be borne by the buyer, and the custody of the object shall also be borne by the buyer.


7. Matters not covered herein shall be settled through negotiation by the bidding company, the seller and buyers.


Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Co., Ltd.

Zhoushan Yi Ge Ship Shipping Exchange Co., Ltd.


November 11, 2019

Technical Report

Survey Report of “ZJ2019023


“ZJ2019023” was inspected by the surveyors of Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Co., Ltd , safely afloat at berth of Ningbo Beilun Power Plant Coal Terminal, under command of the transferor on July 03, 2019. Please find the inspection report as follows:


I. Ship’s Particulars

Ship Type: Bulk Carrier; PoR: Hangzhou; Class: CCS; Class Notation: ★CSAD; Hull additional marks: Offshore Nevigation Area, Class B ice navigation area, double-sided bulk carrier, loadometer (S, I, G); Engine classification Characters: ★CSMD; LOA: 189.99m; MLB: 30.20m; MLD: 15.20m; Load Draft: 10.479m; Light Draft: 6.052m; Light Displacement: 8255.70t; GRT: 24919; NRT: 13954; DWCC: 40014t; ME: 6S42MC7 * 1set 6480kW; Blt: Zhejiang Qinfeng Ship Industry Co., Ltd.; Date of Keel Laid: April 28, 2011; Date of Completion: September 07, 2012. (Data above refers to the ship inspection certificate,only for reference)


II. Certificates Status



Date of Issue

Date of Expire


Certificate of Classification




Load Line Certificate




Tonnage Certificate




Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate




Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate




Air Pollution Prevention Certificate




Statement of Anti-fouling System




Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodations




Certificate of Seaworthiness



Next Survey

Annual Survey


Intermediate Survey


Special Survey


Dry-docking Survey


Propeller Shaft Survey


Boiler Survey


  Referring to FSC inspection record book, the ship had carried out the safety inspection without any major defects at Jiaxing Port on April 23, 2018 and Cangzhou Port on September 30, 2018 . According to the Deck Log and Engine Log, the ship consumes abt. 15t FO per day at a speed of 11kt with 108RPM during recent voyages.Fuel oil was also available for the main generator set.


III. Inspection Report

  The ship was designed as a single deck, driven with single oar and stern. The hull was of double bottom double shell, structure form was vertical and horizontal mixed skeleton type with Class B ice strengthened.. The ship was equipped with 9 watertight bulkheads, with Fr12-Fr215 double bottom, 5 cargo holds, and steel weather tight cover. It was constructed with Forecastle and five floors of deck houses.

  At the time of inspection, the ship was moored on the port side at the berth unloading the coal. 2 surveyors from the Exchange carried out a general inspection on some accessible places such as cabins, engine rooms and decks. Due to the limitation of conditions, hermetic cabins such as side ballast tank, bottom tanks and fresh water tank had not been opened and checked.

1. Hull

1.1 Shipsides

  The visible part of outer plate above waterline was found flat without obvious collision or deformation.Weld forming quality was good, no sag, welding tumor or crack, slight scratch  and surface corrosion could be seen in bulbous bow and other local areas, the overall painting was in general condition; Ship's name, port of registry, load line and draft mark were clear;The propeller blade and propeller were submerged in water.No survey was made below waterline for limitation.

1.2 Forecastle Deck

  Forecastle deck was basically free from deformation, cavitation and erosion, and the painting was free from obvious peeling.The overall maintenance of the hydraulic windlass was in general condition. There was no obvious peeling-off of the coating of the body and the base, and there was no obvious rust or loosening of the base bolts.The structure of anchor chain, chain stopper and base was complete. Bulwarks, railings and inclined ladders were in good condition without deformation or damage, and the paint was attached well. Forecastle end wall was found flat, no paint peeling, end wall watertight door could be opened and closed normally; The structure of anchor hydraulic pump was intact,the surface was clean with good maintenance.

1.3 Main Deck

  The plates of main deck were found flat with good painting and welded forming. Painting of both bulwarks and columns was good in general condition; The structure of deck bollard was intact with good painting condition; Ventilator, vent pipe body, vent cap, fire hose, hydraulic pipe, etc., were arranged in regular order, with good coating condition.

1.4 Other Decks

  The stern deck and both sides of the gangways were found with good coating condition.There were 2 sets of electric and hydraulic warping winches on the stern deck. There was no abnormality in appearance survey, and the coating on the surface and base of the warping winch was in general condition. Deck mooring roller, bollard and other mooring parts were well arranged with good condition.The surface coating for ventilator, shutter and small hatch cover was found in general condition.

  The plates outside the deck house were found flat with good coating and welded forming. Painting of both bulwarks and columns was in general condition without deformation or damage; And coating was in general condition; The coating was in good condition for the Mushroom ventilator, funnel,ladder outside. Watertight doors of different decks were found in general condition.


2.Cargo Holds

  There were 5 cargo holds in the ship. The covers of the holds were open while inspection, Loading was done with 2 of the holds. And tank bulkhead, rail, bottom plate, pipeline, channel ladder and other structures in the other 3 holds were found in general condition and the coating in the hold was in poor condition.The weld quality of hatch enclosure outer wall and hatch enclosure stiffening material was good, also the coating condition was good, no obvious deformation was seen.The hatch cover made of steel was of weather tight. The opening mode was hydraulic side-opening. The hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pipelines were well maintained. The surface coating of hatch cover was found in general condition. Maintenance of hatch cover locking device, roller, roller track was found in general condition.


Cargo Holds


  Location Fr.


Total Capacitym3

Hatch Coaming Sizemm



























3. Life-saving and Fire Fighting Apparatus

1 Gravity landing lifeboat for 25 persons completely enclosed was put up both at starboard and port on deck A of superstructure.Boat frame and deck were welded firmly, boat frame and the body’s coating condition was good. 1 inflatable life-raft for 25 persons and 1 inflatable life-raft for 6 persons were setting after A deck boat frame and forecastle deck end wall separately. No abnormalities were found during the outer survey for the life-raft, date for next survey was clear.

Besides water fire protection device was equipped on the ship, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system was fixed in the engine room and cargo compartment. Carbon dioxide release device was located in the left side of main deck room. System releasing operation instruction and sketch map were put up normally as per requirement. 

The coating of deck fire hose was found in general condition and no abnormality with the appearance survey of the fire pump. Emergency fire pump devices were equipped in the bilge 67#-70# rib position.


4. Bridge & Crew Accommodation

  The Bridge was arranged in reasonable order with driving control desk, radio area, chart area etc.The driving control platform was equipped with a relatively complete monitoring and alarm system, guidance equipment, the main engine bridge command system and other configurations meeting the requirements of normal navigation, The surface was found clean and good ; Ship's navigation books and materials were kept intact in the chart area.

  Seamen’s rooms, dining room, kitchen were located in the deck room of the superstructure in the poop. Facilities and appliances were fully equipped, indoor floor dressing, wall fire insulation, decoration board were in general color; Warning signs indoor and outdoor and fire control drawings were basically intact.  


5.Engine and Electrical Equipment

  Engine room with 2 platforms was located in the poop. Propulsion system was composed by the low speed diesel engine, shafting system and fixed pitch propeller. The structure was found intact with good coating of visible part in the engine, without obvious deformation, corrosion or welding loosing; The piping was laid in order with good coating; cable layout was put in order without any abnormality; The clearness of bottom was in general condition.


5.1.Main Engine: 6S42MC7*6480KW 1 set at 136RPM

  Maker: Jiang Su Ai Tai Power Machinery Co.,Ltd, Date : July 01,2011.

  Engine body was found intact while survey. The external and surface parts of the M/E were maintained well but no obvious oil traces of running, spilling, dripping or leaking. The nameplates of the generators could be read clearly. No weld crack was found in the base of the M/E. The bolt fastener of the M/E and the base was firmly connected without any sign of loosening.

5.2  Main Generators: The ship was equipped 3 generators with the same model of 1FC5 502-3TA42-Z (400kW/set) while the prime movers with the model of 6210ZLD-1 (440.00kW/set at 600RPM)

  1# generator was running normally without any abnormality while inspection; the generators appeared to be in general condition without obvious oil and no oil traces of running, spilling, dripping or leaking. The nameplates of the generators could be read clearly and maintains well. 

  Emergency Generator: TFXW-250M4-H (90kW) while the prime mover with the model of 6135AZD-1 (134.00kW at 1500RPM).

  Emergency generators appeared to be in general condition without obvious oil and no oil traces,The nameplates of the generators could be read clearly and maintains well.

5.3 Engine Centralized Control Room: 8 Nos main power distribution panel, 1 No centralized control panel platform. The structure of the distribution panel and centralized control panel was complete and the surface of those were clean. All instruments and indicators worked normally.

5.4 Boiler: An Exhaust Gas Boiler made by Qingdao Boiler Factory was located in the E/R with the model of ZYS 1.2/180-0.7. It was used to heat oil and its surface appeared generally clean without any abnormality while inspection.

5.5 Other Machinery in E/R: the cleanliness for the surface and base fence of air compressors, air bottle, sewage treatment device was good in general and there were no obvious oil on the surfaces and the base of oil distributor and oil supply units. The steel inclined ladder, railing and handrail in the engine room were complete arranged and the painting coating was found in good condition. The appearance of the E/R platform and checkered plates was found in general condition.

5.6 Rudder Room: The ship was equipped with 1 hydraulic steering gear engine with the model of YDC1-4B720 . Both the surface and the base of the rubber were not found obvious stains, and painted in general condition.The room structure welded in general condition was complete and clean without deformation.The floor around the steering gear was equipped with grille in general good cleanliness.


IV. Conclusion

  According to the analysis and discussion of the ship's condition by the surveyors, the conclusions were given as followings:

1. The ship was a domestic CCS bulk carrier with valid and complete certificates. Inspection record of flag state showed no major defects, and last annual survey had been made at Qinhuangdao Port in September of 2019.

2.The hull structure was found in general condition. Aging condition exists in the coating. The interior decoration was in general condition.The deck machines were maintained in general condition.

3.Engines and Electric Apparatus in the E/R were adequate and maintained in general condition without large area of oil adhesion, and the maintenance was in general condition. There was partly corrosion of bilge pump, and the maintenance was in general condition.

4.The bridge was placed properly with adequate navigation equipment and relatively perfect monitoring and alarm systems.

(Remarks: The inspection report above reflects the technical status of the ship at the time of the inspection only, does not include any changes of the technical status that may occur after the completion of the on-site inspection. The inspection contents are for reference only and shall not be regarded as the evidences for the sales and purchase of the ship. All other matters not covered herein shall be subject to the ship itself.)


Surveyors: Wang Yongxiang, Pan Bo


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¥74,000,000 2019-12-05 12:05:28
¥73,900,0002019-12-05 12:05:17
¥73,800,0002019-12-05 12:03:50
¥73,700,0002019-12-05 12:03:41
¥73,500,0002019-12-05 11:59:03
¥73,400,0002019-12-05 11:58:45
¥72,600,0002019-12-05 11:57:44
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¥72,000,0002019-12-05 11:56:57
¥71,900,0002019-12-05 11:56:48
¥71,800,0002019-12-05 11:52:08
¥71,700,0002019-12-05 11:52:00
¥71,600,0002019-12-05 11:47:10
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¥71,400,0002019-12-05 11:42:35
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¥71,200,0002019-12-05 11:37:35
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¥71,000,0002019-12-05 11:32:47
¥70,900,0002019-12-05 11:32:41
¥70,800,0002019-12-05 11:27:58
¥70,700,0002019-12-05 11:27:48
¥70,600,0002019-12-05 11:22:53
¥70,200,0002019-12-05 11:18:18
¥70,100,0002019-12-05 11:18:09
¥70,000,0002019-12-05 11:17:38
¥69,800,0002019-12-05 11:17:11
¥69,700,0002019-12-05 11:12:38
¥69,600,0002019-12-05 11:12:33
¥69,500,0002019-12-05 11:08:07
¥69,400,0002019-12-05 11:08:02
¥69,300,0002019-12-05 11:05:28
¥69,200,0002019-12-05 11:05:24
¥69,100,0002019-12-05 11:04:44
¥69,000,0002019-12-05 11:04:34
¥68,900,0002019-12-05 11:04:05
¥68,800,0002019-12-05 11:03:58
¥68,700,0002019-12-05 11:02:52
¥68,600,0002019-12-05 11:02:47
¥68,500,0002019-12-05 11:01:26
¥68,400,0002019-12-05 11:01:22
¥68,300,0002019-12-05 11:01:01
¥68,200,0002019-12-05 11:00:54
¥68,100,0002019-12-05 11:00:42
¥68,000,0002019-12-05 11:00:37
¥67,900,0002019-12-05 10:58:10
¥67,800,0002019-12-05 10:57:38
¥65,600,0002019-12-05 10:55:03
¥65,500,0002019-12-05 10:54:54
¥65,400,0002019-12-05 10:49:11
¥65,300,0002019-12-05 09:41:35
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¥65,100,0002019-12-05 09:39:38
¥65,000,0002019-12-05 09:08:35
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